The Metrix - Combining multiple data-sources of farm-level data to deploy spatial risk indicators on a distributed ledger

Better understand and manage risks by sharing your data!

Advisory services for farms should be based on site-specific data analysis. However, the current reality of data collection at the farm level is that most smallholder farmers do not keep farm records. Supply-chain actors buying products at the farm gate have realized the problem and have started collecting data from sourced farms. However, the lack of farm data availability and interoperability between different actors hinders the planning of supply-chain activities and the delivery of proper farmers’ advisory services. All actors realize the importance of bringing data together, what hinders data sharing is technical and governance issues surrounding data interoperability, data privacy, trust, and competitiveness.

The Metrix addresses the problem of lack of data interoperability at the supply side of the value chain. It applies data science to collectively provided data to produce smart-metrics for the supply side of the value chain. The Metrix is using a distributed data approach instead of centralized data storage. The advantage of such an approach is that nobody owns the newly calculated risk insights. It is a piece of common knowledge in the shared ledger that is available for all participating network peers and data providers.

The Metrix is a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ for data sharing among private sector value-chain actors and research for development organizations to produce better insights on value-chain risks. Technically spoken, it uses a blockchain network and encryption to self-enforce the informal agreement and guarantees that nobody can access the data origin. The Metrix joins multi-data-sources with scientific methods to calculate risk-metrics, developed in research projects and provided as algorithms and code to the Metrix blockchain. Risk indicators that are calculated from collectively shared farm data are aggregated on zoomable geographic tiles.

The Metrix blockchain network

Better understand and manage risks in agricultural value chains!

Share farm data

A ‘gentleman’s’ trust-based data-sharing agreement underwritten by blockchain technology!

Visualize Risks

The Metrix delivers improved insights on risks by combining farm data.

Help maintaining

Keeping the composite risk indicators in distributed ledger files!

Understand the Spatial Context

Spatially located on hierarchical map tiles!

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